Beauty and the Beast: Lisa Shepherd London

Perks of the job: I spent Monday getting a bit of pampering at the delightful Lisa Shepherd salon in London. You probably know Lisa ‘Queen of Colour’ Shepherd from 10 Years Younger, where she transforms people with her magical hair skills.

Although hairdressing is a pretty female-friendly industry, the majority of  top names and ‘celebrity’ stylists are men, so it’s great to have Lisa as such a celebrated public figure. Along with the other Clynol dream team ladies – the fantastic Sharon Peake and lovely Tracey Devine – Lisa brings a friendly and knowledgeable female face to the frontline of the hair industry.

The London salon is Lisa’s first venture outside of the Midlands, and although I’ve written about the business side of the place since it opened at work, this was my first appointment.

I don’t really ever write about work stuff on here, but after my UHMAZING visit on Monday I felt compelled. Here’s why!

Mmm nice back wash. But nope, that’s not it.

Hey a DIY makeup counter so you can play dress-up after you get your new hurr did! Neato! But that’s not it…



Yep, aside from the A+ service, amazing blow-dry, conditioning colour treatment, lovely staff, and all-round CHILL atmosphere, my favourite thing about Lisa Shepherd is the client lounge.

What do I love so much about this little cuboid space of joy? So many things I’m making a bullet-pointed list;

  • Fully stocked library of magazines. I like to read trash at the salon, but it’s also nice to see serious fashion magazines and – praise be – men’s magazines. I’m sure lots of men like to read Heat when they get their hair done, but I think they’d probably also like the choice to read GQ Style or Vogue Hommes.
  • Help-yoself Smeg fridge of wonder. There’s nothing more fun than drinking wine in the middle of the day while you get a blow-dry, but it can be embarrassing to admit to it. With a self-service fridge of free booze (oh, and soft drinks), there’s no shame attached. You can also make hot drinks with the very snazzy coffee machine thing – I had an uncharacteristic hot chocolate (it was early) and it was pretty special.
  • Laptops! And not just laptops, MAC BOOKS!
  • But my number one thing in the Lisa Shepherd client lounge has to be… Steady yourself… The wide selection of phone chargers. OMG. Why so few salons do this blows my mind. I spend a good deal of my life in hairdressers up and down the country and across the globe, and the lack of phone chargers is boggling. They should be as readily available as a cup of tea. So many times I’ve asked for one, only to see some junior go and rummage through their overnight bag because they stayed at their boyfriend’s and they think they packed their charger… It’s a stupidly simple, amazingly obvious thing that all salons should do. But don’t. A+ Lisa.
  • They also have wifi, which is another thing that drives me mad when it’s not available.

Seriously though, Lisa Shepherd is an amazing salon, and the woman herself is an utter genius. She’s been responsible for some of my favourite hair images, and her beautiful salons are a testament to that.

Go see Jason for a blow-dry, and charge the shit out of your phone while you’re at it.


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