I love Price’s Open Window candles

I’ve already revealed my secrets for masking a hangover through makeup and shiny accessories, but how does one go about making the post-party stank of the home? Everyone knows that a night of boozing leads to a bedroom which reeks of noxious toxic emissions, and there are few things more depressing than a house that stinks like booze-hound breath.

In summer, it’s easy enough to open a window, but at this time of year it’s not particularly appealing to throw open the oriels and breathe in that cold, cold air. Well reader, you need not worry. I have a solution. I give you; Price’s Open Window candles.

I like a ludicrously expensive scented candle as much as the next person (Diptyque Baies Noir is my personal favourite, although I am aware that spending £50 on a candle is an utterly stupid thing to do), but the potent fumes of a post-real ale night out can rarely be masked with the scent of such a candle, heady as it may be.

Price’s Candles have been a real discovery for me this year, and the main reason for this is because, well, they work so darn efficiently. Founded in 1830, Price’s has been supplying the Royal family with candles for over 150 years. I’m not sure which candles HRH prefers, but I imagine a few Household candles from the Fresh Air range have been lit around Buckingham Palace over the years.

The Open Window candle doesn’t leave a gross fake, Febreze-esque air freshener smell; it just makes your booze-addled bedroom smell normal again. Like an odour eater for the home. I am obsessed with mine, and am pleased to report that unlike some other companies (lookin’ atchu ASOS), they make deliveries through the snow and ice with no probs whatsoever.

Price’s also do a vast range of scented candles, church candles, dinner candles… I mean really, for all your candle needs, I can’t recommend them enough. But especially the fake Fresh Air.


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