Best of the big earrings

I am definitely a big earring kind of person.

My hands are too fat for rings; I always take bracelets off when I get to work because I can’t type with them on; and while I certainly have a fairly large collection of necklaces, my earring assortment definitely takes up the most space.

For me, the most poignant part of Eastenders over the past few months hasn’t been Stacey’s confession, the entirely depressing cot death storyline, or Carol shacking up with her dead son’s BFF. Nope, for me the prize goes to that scene where Janine said to some-time nemesis Fat Pat, “Pat… I really like your earrings.”

Pat’s love of big earrings is well documented, and I think that she, like me, would have been overjoyed with this selection in Sunday’s Observer. Although, who am I kidding, Pat’s probably more a TMoS gal.

It’s hard to pick a favourite from this delectable array of treasures, but I think the prize must go to these CH by Carolina Herrera Toucan gems;

Special. Next faves are these ASOS ones, which I think I already own in another guise. Still, you can’t get enough big gold disc earrings in my book, and these ones feature a lion in honour of Wagner (I think);

There’s also the incredible Prada Spring/Summer 2011 jewellery collection – featuring some awesome Josephine Baker designs, in amongst the bananas. I don’t think I could ever bring myself to spend nearly £350 on a pair of perspex earrings, but if I was going to, these would be they.

And finally, these Loulou earrings from CA & Lou. I think it’s obvious why I like these. And if not, two words; art and deco. MMMhmm. Sadly, at £245 these are also rather out of the budget – for me and Pat.


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