Want me to look like a Hollywood star

Someone at work said to me yesterday; “All your friends have really interesting jobs.”  I don’t know if Ian, who recently spent a week investigating fraudulent HB pencils would agree with that, but I guess it’s fair to say I have a lot of friends who work in fashion, which is pretty interesting. In fact, when I heard that Iso spent New Year playing fashion blogger charades, I was more surprised that we’d not played it before than anything else. Hmm, I guess it takes a special group of beings to take pleasure in miming the likes of Bryan Boy and Tavi to an enthralled audience.

Anyway, one friend that definitely does have an interesting job is Sofie, who makes a fine living dreaming up handbags of great beauty.  When someone spends their life designing handbags, it’s inevitable that they’ll pick up a few along the way, and perhaps have a few going spare. And so it came to pass that this Christmas I picked up two new additions to my purse collection… Happy Christmas?

Thanks to snow and stupid post office opening hours, I’ve only just been able to release my babies from their cardboard prison, but now they’re finally here I can safely say we’re going to be very happy together. I took my own pansy pictures this morning (like my new bedspread?), but suffice to say they’re not quite as amazing as the ones taken by Sofie’s boyfriend as part of our civilised transaction. Mmmhmm. Diolch yn fawr, Sofie!

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