Making the transition to Filofax

Inspired by the likes of Kris and Gala (and egged on by a very sophisticated, list-writing colleague), this year I delved in to the world of Filofax. I feel like I’m cheating on Moleskine, but whatevs, we’re very happy together. And I still use a Moleskine notepad so… all is not lost.

I really wanted a gold leather version (inspired by my beloved Ladydate), but astoundingly, such a thing doesn’t exist. I settled for what appeared to be the next best thing – the metallic bronze Domino Snake, in ‘personal’ size. I say ‘settled for’, and ‘next best thing’, but it was love at first sight really – and the bronze is more like gold really anyway.

Work has only just got back to normal, so my Filofax is still a little lacking in lists and dates, but I did want to share the all-important storage wallet. My research tells me it’s the done thing to keep something of interest in here, so I opted for a Mexican lotería card, predictably featuring ~LA CALAVERA~. I think I will change it around to fit with my mood, as I have an entire lotería kit which doesn’t actually get played with, and I do like La Sirena a great deal too…

It’s not all skulls though, as my Filofax also includes a rabbit with a lil’ bell in it. My cousin lives in Japan, and sent me it for Christmas, but alas my phone doesn’t have space for phone charm, so it lives here. Ah.

I’m excited about filling my Filofax with all sorts of neat stuff over the coming years – here’s some Flickr inspiration (via Gala):

PS I can’t find a suitable pen anywhere. I want a gold one, but Parker pens are stupidly expensive, and no-one else seems to sell nice gold fountain pens. Wah wah wah.

2 thoughts on “Making the transition to Filofax

  1. I love filofax but that is something I want to get for when I graduate, as one of my “growing up step”. How pathetic! Haha! This gold/bronze one is my favourite so far… Might as well invest into my future now you know… : P

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