Obsessed with my Antipodium Thank Christ dress

Emily is going to rue the day she told me to do more outfit posts.

Here’s the Antipodium Thank Christ dress I bought in the Liberty sale. Andy and I tried to invert all the crosses for a more metal finish, but unfortunately each cross has an eyelet attachment so it’s not possible.

I really wanted to get the Urban Outfitters double finger cross ring to complete this outfit, but it didn’t fit on my fingers. And also, Oxford Circus only had black and silver, when clearly gold is the only colour that I wear. Never fear though, because carlyjcais on Etsy sells similar ones. Similar, but better, because they’re pleasingly chunky, and have beveled edges.

When we were in a metal bar in Oslo (there are two types of bar in Oslo: shit ‘American’ style bars, full of tourists and office workers who have been sent to their company’s Norwegian branch, and metal bars), we saw this awesome young woman who had cleverly inverted the Norwegian flag to make a patriotic, yet suitably metal addition to her leathers. Is it any coincidence that Norway is the most metal destination on earth, and that their flag lends itself so well to being turned in to an inverted cross?

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