Waterline at the National Maritime Museum

If you happen to be in my neck of the woods for Meateasy (WHICH YOU SHOULD BE), you could do worse than roll your burger-filled belly down the road a little bit to Greenwich, where there are two neat exhibitions on at the moment. They’re both small, but definitely worth a look if you’re around.

Waterline at the National Maritime Museum is a really short (one room!) photography exhibition covering CRUISES (!!) in their heyday. Although I was lulled in with a sign about people enjoying cruises in the 30s, the exhibition largely covered cruises in the 60s and 70s. It’s a really nice collection, and some the pictures are hilarious (uhm, these ones – but go and see them IRL for the detail. Pencil moustache, old lady drunk face, hair etc).

You can then trot (or trudge, depending on your Meateasy consumption) up the hill to the Greenwich Observatory, where the Astronomy Photographer of the Year winners are currently being displayed. They are all brilliant, especially the work by under-16s. Even if you’re not a tragic fashion sap who is inspired by Christopher Kane’s resort collection, there’s some astounding work in there.

You can be further blown away by the concept of space in the Astronomy Photographer of the Year Flickr group. I made the mistake of watching a film about space while we were in the Observatory today, and will now be lying awake at night crying and shaking at the thought of a) how big the world is b) what was here before and c) what will be here after.

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