Moschino x Working Girl

Primark dress//Moschino belt//old earrings//old scarf

Sticking with the cherry theme… I’ve taken to making bows out of my scarves, seeing as how I never, ever, wear them around my neck. I think the neckerchief look is pretty vom at the best of times, but for someone with a face as rotund as mine… well, it’s just bad manners to go out in public looking like that.

Having said in my Strawberry Switchblade post how lucky we are that these days we can wear what we want and no-one bats an eyelid, this outfit got lots of strange looks at work. Double takes, in fact. I don’t know why, as my puzzled face above attempts to suggest. The vibe I was going for was pure Moschino, because even though Primark were probably ripping off the more obvious Chanel tweed dress, it reminds me of a more Moschino shape. Whatevs. All I need now is these shoes and my working girl look is complete;


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