Love gold lamé (and Sea of Shoes)

I know a large proportion of the internet has BEEF with Jane ‘Sea of Shoes’ Aldridge, but I love her, her mum, and her beautiful elephant man sister (IT WAS A PEEP SHOW REFERENCE NOT AN INSULT).

Today Jane posted this insane gold lamé palazzo jumpsuit. Just as I’d got over how much I loved it, she dropped the killer reveal;

I don’t think I’m the kind of girl who is going to show this suit the love it deserves. I know there is a girl out there who can do this pantsuit justice! It will be up for sale on Atlantis Dry Goods in a few hours.

Casual, like. Anyway, even though I knew full well that if I stuffed myself inside I’d look like Fat Elvis (uhm, what’s the male form of camel toe?), I hot-footed it over to Jane + momma’s vintage store to investigate. Within mere minutes, it had sold – probably for the best, but it has convinced me that gold lamé is going to my fabric of 2011. I’m all over the 70s revival like a bad rash anyway, so it might as well be in an appropriate fabric.

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