Tag your Moet & Chandon

There are few things in life I like more than booze, and cliche as it may be, champagne definitely does it for me. I mean, obv I’ll drink anything, but champagne a) gets you drunk and b) doesn’t give you a hangover so it’s a win-win situation.

I’m certain this is what Moet & Chandon had in mind when they created this Valentine’s Day ‘Tag Your Moet’ graffiti gift box. In fact, if you open the lid it says; “gets you drunk, no hangover guaranteed.” Anyway, with ~romance~ in the air during the month of February*, this special bundle would be a neat gift for any of your friends/loved ones. As well as the booze, you aslo get a GOLD PEN!!!! to write your own special message on the box.

Bubblegum pink and gold – probably my favourite colour combo after pink and red.

Booze and a marker pen – probably my favourite fun combo after Andrew WK and hotdogs.


*It’s our anniversary in February, FU V-Day.


3 thoughts on “Tag your Moet & Chandon

  1. ZOMG I want this so badly now. I love Valentine’s day. Our ‘unofficial’ anniversary is in Feb, but our real anniversary is in April….

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