Teddyboy shapes at Celine

I haven’t paid much attention to the pre-fall collections this year. I’m guilty of wishing my life away more than most, but c’mon!! It’s not even the end of January 2011, and we haven’t enjoyed the summer collections, and I know fall collections are coming up in a matter of weeks but STILL. I don’t want to start worrying about next winter just yet, when we’re still in the midst of this one. HUMBUG.

One collection that has piqued my interest is Celine. Celine is always beautiful, and throwing in a teddy boy reference or two only makes it appeal to me more. I love a heavy drape coat, particularly when combined with a contrasting lapel. Bobby socks and heels are the perfect accompaniment, even though I maintain this look can only be carried off by 1% of the people that attempt it.

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