ASOS launches Crave It//Save It Competition

Bloggers writing about Barbours is a doozy, but I couldn’t resist drawing your attention to this juicy Liddesdale which is currently on ASOS for a mere £70. Love that purple and fuchsia combination; reminds me of the best ever Mac wallpaper.

The Liddesdale is currently languishing in my ASOS ‘Save for Later’ basket. Not because I’m not going to buy it, but because I am currently participating in the Crave It // Save It competition. Open until midday London time tomorrow, one lucky entrant will win the contents of their saved-for-later bag. Neat huh? Only rule is you can’t go over £300, which is fair enough. My bag is full of more coats, heaps of ASOS own-brand rings, and a couple of summer dresses. Because I need more of all those things.

Enter! Why not? It’s just like making a wishlist with the added bonus of maybe winning it.

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