Sanderson prints at Carry-A-Bag

I got sent some new Aveda goodies at work the other day, and while the products themselves are as brillo as I’d expect from Aveda, I was also impressed with the makeup bag they were sent in. It matches my twee little bedspread!

A bit of preliminary Percy Pilbeam research reveals that the bag is from Sally Walton, who designs under the name Carry-A-Bag (fnar). The hand-sewn bags are constructed from vintage and recycled fabrics, including some treat-time Sanderson prints. As well as makeup bags, specs cases and coin purses, you can also get your mitts on a huge array of totes and shoppers. Very tasteful.

I’ll save the products themselves for another day, but check out these neat brushes which they sent too. Nothing like a kabuki brush, and Aveda’s is a dreamy black and red colour. Rothko-esque, some might say. The brush set is as eco-responsible as you would expect from Aveda, and the flax-infused handles are really pleasing to look at, kinda like 70s woodchip. Mmm.

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