Pink and red all over

I finally got my roots done this week after some abominable amount of time. In celebration of no longer looking like shit, my colourist and I decided to go a bit brighter than usual – if you catch me in natural day light, I somewhat resemble a red setter.

Anyway, to celebrate having really red hair again, I decided to wear something suitably pink today – no colour combo is better, amirite? We all know that¬†colourblocking is a popular catwalk trend for this summer – and the very fact that a made-up word has become a verb suggests it’s going to be a biggie.

This old M&S silk dress I dug out fulfils everything I was going for – and you don’t even to have think about the concept of colourblocking because it does it all by itself. Neato! In order to ease the pain of taking pictures of myself, I have taken to using every effect in the book to disguise my hideously disfeatured self. That, and the fact that this dress is impossible to photograph have made life a little tricky. You can see how it actually looks, here!


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