River Island updates the military jacket

This lace top from River Island is one of my most worn items of last year. They call it a ‘shacket’ on the website, but clearly I’m not going to use that term. I don’t normally have any interest in any kind of military finishing, but I can handle these black velvet faux-frogging strips because the lace is so nice.

I’d just like to point out the cow-print border you might be able to spot there. Ah, the cow-print border. This is my childhood bedroom at my mum’s house, and the look I went for when I redecorated aged about 13 was pink, silver, and a delicate touch of cow-print. Nice huh?

Anyway, I found these pictures languishing in my ‘stuff to blog’ folder, and even though I’m 99% certain this jacket is no longer available, it definitely opened my eyes up to River Island as somewhere to shop. While it’s come on leaps and bounds in the last few years, it’s still not really my kind of place – and their website is so bad it makes me want to jab rusty nails in my eyes. Still, I’ve bought quite a bit there this year already, so onwards and upwards eh?


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