Obsessed with Masonic watches and crockery

Last weekend I fell in to some kind of Etsy k-hole, and although I have no recollection of how… somehow ended up looking as masonic watches. I then wound up looking at masonic crockery. It’s nice, isn’t it? That watch especially… the skull is the second hand!

It’s not totally out of nowhere; the United Grand Lodge (masonic hall) is my favourite building in London – I’ve been to it a bunch of times for various fashion shows/award ceremonies/hair events and it really is incredible, regardless of what you think of freemasonry. I also went last year during Open House London, where they had people showing you around and talking about the history of the building. The best part was that they were handing out Q&A booklets, which included the question; “Why do grown men run around with one trouser leg rolled up doing weird handshakes?” I love their brutality! Nice to see a sense of humour in such a mysterious group. One revelation from the open day was the news that the roof is entirely tiled – in all my countless visits, I had no idea it was tiled, I always thought it was painted. It’s so bright gold IRL, you must go if you ever get the chance. The building is enormous and has all sorts of secret tunnels, star-studded ceilings and all-seeing eyes. I bet they’d appreciate it if I wore my watch.

2 thoughts on “Obsessed with Masonic watches and crockery

  1. OMG. I didn’t just buy that watch. Hell yes. Course I did. I bloody love your blog. Read it all the time on my lunch at work to get away from the daily grind.
    LOve your sense of humour and your clashing prints definitely look good. thumbs up from me x big virtual hugs

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