Horseshoes and fur and leopard print

An outfit post. What you don’t know is that the lower half of my body is beneath the Snuggie, and I haven’t washed my hair for three weeks. I was at work event over the weekend and mentioned this to a hairdressing associate. He said he couldn’t tell, and then sniffed it (thanks Ross!) and said it smelt fine, so I’m just going to run with it. Everyone knows red hair should be washed as little as often to reduce fade, so not only am I saving precious time in bed, I’m also prolonging the marvellous colour. Win win.

I’m still wearing my furry Next gilet, the blouse is that horseshoe one from Primark, and the leopard pleated skirt is River Island. Some might say these prints don’t work and they’d probably have a point, but I like them together.

PS To whichever fabulous blog reader said hello to me on the train – thank you, you made my day. Your coat was incredible, and I’m sorry if me and my friends did your head in with our incessant hairdressing talk.


5 thoughts on “Horseshoes and fur and leopard print

  1. i only wash my hair twice a week. it’s a revelation, i find it really satisfying to go from kinda dirty hair to really clean hair.

    1. Once a week is usual for me, but after getting colour done I leave it as looooong as possible. I go through stage including dry shampoo, then ponytail, then bun, then finally giving in and washing.

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