Making pyjamas as daywear happen

I bought this pyjama jacket from Topshop a while back because – well, why do you think? Pyjama jackets were popular in the 1920s and unlike drop-waist dresses and cloche hats, they are something I can actually carry off.

It’s actually a bit of a struggle to work out what to wear with it; anything with a print or pattern doesn’t work, and that’s the majority of my wardrobe. Still, we’re getting there. Today I wore it with this old blue silk dress and some necklace which I discovered down the back of my mirror.

More pyjama jackets please, high street.

2 thoughts on “Making pyjamas as daywear happen

  1. Ahh! I tried on that jacket with the matching trousers the other week! They definitely looked like nightwear together… but I thought that the jacket would look great with high-waisted wide-legged trousers. It looks great on you, anyway!

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