New York Fashion Week: Prabal Gurung

Miss Havisham was the inspiration for Prabal Gurung’s fall/winter 2011 collection and although the impact of everyone’s favourite spinster might not be immediately evident, there are some rather nice little hints at her influence. A bit of a disintegrating hem here, a bit of washed-out colour there, an overall feel of faded grandeur and a slight state of déshabillé throughout.

Prabal Gurung is already a red carpet favourite, and it’s easy to imagine most of this collection getting an airing at some swanky event or other.

On another note, I’m delighted to see that the 90s trend is still going strong – the draped pastel silk and furry jacket combination is one of my all time favourites. Kenickie, Courtney Love and Amanda de Cadanet, Shampoo et al have a lot to answer for.

PS Hate the tights, hate the shoes.


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