Wallis Simpson wardrobe auction

Fellow Wallis Simpson-ites will have no doubt heard that our favourite divorcee is back in the news, as yet more of her belongings are auctioned off for charity next week. Wallis seems to be more omnipresent than ever at the moment, with her King’s Speech guest appearance and yet more news about Madonna’s upcoming biopic. As you know it’s a case of the more the merrier as far as I’m concerned – she’s fascinating.

Following the high profile jewellery auction which took place last year the new sale sees a collection of Wallis’s accessories go under the hammer, as well as some tabloid-friendly rather fancy lingerie. Johnny foreigner eh? Coming over here, stealing our kings, wearing pink and black negligees… Tsk.

This Schiaparelli leopard print heart-shaped waist pouch is one of my favourite items in the sale. Dating from 1949, it wouldn’t look out of place in any collection today – total cliche I am aware, but seriously! Look at it!

This personalised Louis Vuitton vanity bearing the Duchess of Windsor legend and a faux tortoiseshell address label is also rather magnificent… But my favourite thing in the auction has to be…

The sale is taking place at Kerry Taylor Auctioneers in aid of the Dodi International Charitable Foundation (yep that Dodi).

[Pics: Huffington Post and Daily Mail]

2 thoughts on “Wallis Simpson wardrobe auction

  1. Do you think that LV would let you have ‘The Duchess of Windsor’ (or some equally grand title) on your trunk if you didn’t have the actual credentials? You would be spending a lot of money, surely you could have anything you want written on it and it would make your trunk look so natty? [This is obviously a purely hypothetical question since the trunks cost approx ten bzillion euros and I don’t have a team of manservants to carry it around for me.]

    1. Yes, yes I think they would. You can order them online – and I spend a lot of time doing that – so I guess they would never know. And you could always pretend it was a present? A very generous present.

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