Balenciaga makes shark-teeth bracelets acceptable

When it comes to accessories, these are my worsties:

5) Scarves made out of this kind of chenille wool;
4) This exact shoe;
3) Really small ugly black leather nondescript handbags;
2) Matrix sunglasses;

…and in prime position…

1) Leather thong necklaces with vaguely ~tribal~ silver pendants

This Balenciaga bracelet feels like it could go a bit the way of my number one worsty, but I guess the fact that it is lovingly crafted from pewter and beautiful dentritic agate saves it. I’d still feel like a bit of a meathead wearing a shark tooth bracelet, but I reckon I could handle being a Balenciaga-clad meathead.

If you want to go all-out Fat Willy’s Surf Shack meathead, Balenciaga are also doing shark tooth pendants on leather thongs!! Noooooooo.

6 thoughts on “Balenciaga makes shark-teeth bracelets acceptable

  1. lol & ia on your accessory hates. I feel those offensive handbags are often overlooked when these things are discussed. Also, Matrix sunglasses are up there with wraparound yellow/orange sunglasses (wtf is the point of those??) I saw a pair of THE classic rainbow-stripe, pointy, slingback, kitten-heel shoes in a charity shop window last week and instantly thought of the 2d crew 😉 I do think the Balenciaga bracelet is rather nice though…
    PS can I post your Alan gif from the other day on fuckyeahstevecoogan? xx

  2. I like this post a lot, and agree with your worsties. Surf necklaces, soul patches, and New Rock boots are my worsties. Oh and shirt-jumpers.

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