Cambridge Satchels go neon

When I was in New York last week, I spotted the one and only blogger extraordinaire Gala Darling getting her hair did. It wasn’t some kind of blogger magnetodynamics which caused my head to spin around at the precise moment I passed the salon, nor was it my overriding work obsession with salon interiors: nope, it was Gala’s reeeedic neon pink bag which stopped me in my tracks in the middle of the street.

Slung over a coatstand in the window, I immediately recognised the bag as being part of the new Cambridge Satchel neon series. Cor! It’s every bit as bright as it looks on screen, and every bit as handsome as the company’s other creations.

Available in pink, lime, yellow and orange, the dazzling bags are available now in the UK exclusively at Dover Street Market.

I bought Andy a Cambridge Satchel in a more sedate brown last year, and it’s probably the most popular accessory I’ve ever witnessed. People stop in the street and ask about it all the time, so I can only imagine the level of giddiness that the neons will cause. The bags are also extremely durable – Andy’s goes to work, gigs and holidays and certainly doesn’t get treated with the level of preciousness I afford to my handbags, and his still looks pristine.

Prices start at £110 for a 13″ bag.


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