Obsessed with varsity jackets

All I ever wanted in life was a vintage varsity jacket with an ‘R’ on it but after – what? 15 years of vintage shopping? – I’ve still not got one. I’ve tried about three on in that time – I’m a picky shopper – but none of them have been right.

Now varsity jackets are a thing, I’ve got a #firstworldproblem on my hands. They’re more readily available, but every chump on Sutton high street is wearing one. I think my lifelong wait might win this one, it’s been such a long time coming.

So, we have:

1) 1950s varsity jacket via Flip Vintage on eBay

2) Teenage girl tying a scarf around the neck of her boyfriend, Atlanta, 1947: Ed Clark

3) New Look USA Badge Baseball Jacket

4) Danny Zuko, clearly

5) Vintage Ravens varsity jacket via Flip Vintage on eBay

6) Some dude via All Tied Up

7) River Island Beige Varsity Bomber Jacket

8) Christian Slater’s stylish mugshot

9) 70s Varsity Wool Jacket via Lopalopa Vintage on eBay


3 thoughts on “Obsessed with varsity jackets

  1. They’ve all gone! Was going to smugly thank you for putting in the leg work but only the New Look one is left and it is a bit too plastic. Will just have to look for my own R jacket… Dammit!

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