Fruit-print frocks

Yesterday was a total sartorial disaster. The vintage sun dress I chose to debut fell apart in the middle of my office and my sandals cut my feet to ribbons so I was paddling around in blood most of the day. The shoes are my own fault – they do that every summer and I always forget. They are now in the bin. The dress however… No idea. It fits like a dream and appeared to be in A+ condition when I picked it up in Sheffield last week, but yesterday morning as I sat innocently at my desk, the zip decided to do that thing where it opens down the middle and refuses to do up. Ho hum. Sitting in the office with my bra and pants on display is one thing, but it was my boyfriend’s birthday yesterday too and there was a family dinner on the cards.

Being an overenthusiastic Brit, I didn’t even have a cardigan or jacket with me at work. Had to run down the high street clutching my dress together with one hand, praying that the emergency safety pins which I keep in my bag at all times would hold it together. First stop Primark to buy the world’s cheapest cardigan just to cover myself up – there’s nothing I hate more than spending money on things I’ll never wear again but whatevs, it saved my modesty.

There aren’t many shops that I’d usually shop in round here because I’m so anal about clothes, but Debenhams saved the day with the lemon-print dress above. Obv fruit is the print of choice this season and this dress does lemons in a suitably zesty way – the print feels vintage-y enough not to just look like a catwalk rip-off and it fits perfectly. Was secretly hoping I might hate it and have to return it but no – I love it. Crisis averted – except for my shoes, which continued to cripple me all night and have left bloody incisions where my heels used to be. Oh well, can’t have it all.

Fun fact! When I bought this dress the assistant said: “You’ll look like a right lemon in that.” Debenhams HQ – if there’s any way I can identify her, can you please give her a bonus?

By the way, the above pineapple-print dress is also on my hitlist. It’s from Oliver Bonas – although this picture is from the Guardian, who say it will be on sale 26 April.



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