Obsessing over Wood Wood Beach Boys shirt

You can always rely on Susie Bubble to make you want to spend all your money on your clothes. I saw this Wood Wood t-shirt from Goodhood on Style Bubble earlier and OBVO it’s my bag. Combining Beach Boys Cooper Black and a nice chunk of the Cure to make a semi-nonsensical slogan… I mean, I just…

Susie’s picture from instore excited me no end because it showed the shirt styled over a skirt – I have so many  t-shirts from my adidas-buying, oversized everything-era, many of which I’m reluctant to get rid off. I love graphic tees and continue to buy them, despite the fact that they are kinda tricky to wear with skirts and dresses. IDEAS!

Did you ever read this Guardian feature about Cooper Black, amongst other fonts?


3 thoughts on “Obsessing over Wood Wood Beach Boys shirt

  1. ditto, cooper black rules – my mum had a t shirt printed in Cooper just before she went into labour with me with the words “I suck dead owls” on it!!!
    she wore it to reading festival 10 weeks later #rockmum

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