Swatch MTV Playground: Fred Butler on fashion and film


By now hopefully you’re all aware of the Swatch MTV Playground; a meeting of creative minds, celebrating all that’s exciting and inspirational about fashion and music – and what happens when the two combine. You’ve seen the first exclusive video I posted with Fred Butler and Alex Noble and you’ve created your own badass Swatch design in the online contest, right?

In my latest sneaky interview, above, you can see the lovely Fred Butler (and her beautiful manicure) talk about her career highlights and how film has helped her bring her work to a wider audience. After you’ve watched Fred do her thing, check out a few of my favourite fashion films below. It’s a well known fact that I have little to no knowledge of films, but I do have a few fashionable morsels up my sleeve…

My favourite – that little-known masterpiece, 200 Cigarettes. How Courtney Love fans still don’t know about this film boggles the mind. Its rarity perhaps explains the fact there are no good quality trailers online, only fan videos like this.

Nutso Czech 60s new wave masterpiece, Daisies. More hipsters should be in to this. Why aren’t they?

Hipsters are, however, quite rightly in to Ladies and Gentlemen: The Fabulous Stains.

Hell yeah! Heavy Metal Parking Lot.

Obviously The Great Gatsby 1974 edition is balls, but it is nice to look at.

BTW, all of the above were posted about in great detail in the blog that passed away (RIP). I have a fanciful idea that I will resurrect all those posts very soon, so watch this space.


Birthday presents from friends with benefits

One of my BFFs is a jeweller and when she’s not squirrelling away at Cartier HQ, she’s making little skull necklaces for people’s birthdays. The chain on this pendant is so light and fine and the skulls are pea-sized but so intricate. Lucked out on  gifts this year!

Like a queen in days of old

Yep, one more from the Retronaut files.

The site often posts colour pictures from the 1920s and earlier which I always find fascinating. When I was very young, I genuinely believed that the ~old days~ occurred in black and white. What can I say? I was pretty thick as a pre-schooler.

Anyway, proving that the Old Days actually happened in glorious technicolour, here is one of my favourite shots from a 1928 batch recently posted.

I’ll be in sunny Barcelona when you read this, aiming to look exactly like this colourful young woman.

Théâtre de la Mode puppet fashions

How to be a Retronaut is probably one of the sites I spend most time on, losing myself in to hour-long internet k-holes of glorious HISTORY. A recent post included some atmospheric pictures of the Théâtre de la Mode, which was actually at the V&A a few years back but which I’d forgotten about entirely.

Théâtre de la Mode eh? What is the theater of fashion?

‘After the liberation of 1944, French couture was at a standstill. With limited access to materials, the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne conceived of a small exhibition, Théâtre de la Mode. The organizers commissioned two-feet tall dolls and invited the major fashion designers of the day to create exquisite miniature dresses. The show was an instant sensation.’

So many great fashion exhibitions over the years have been inspired by this – two of the most obvious that spring to mind are Spectres: When Fashion Turns Back which was at the V&A too and The House of Viktor&Rolf which was at the Barbican a few years ago.

There’s a really brilliant book about the mannequins of Théâtre de la Mode available – click on the ‘look inside’ option on Amazon and tell me you don’t want to buy it.

Obsessed with big gold earrings





I like gold jewellery so much that I instantly categorise anyone that prefers silver in the same mental column as people that use Yahoo and wear mirrored sunglasses.

Bit of a sudden influx of new earrings; chain ones that Iso got me for my birthday, Topshop spike ones, River Island ones I got at the Sure & Dove Black & Blog event, mystery ones that skim the shoulders they’re so big.

Swatch MTV Playground: My KISS watch

Swatch is all about design and as part of the Swatch/MTV Playground project the watchmakers extraordinaire are running a competition inviting budding designers to submit their styles. Kind of like a Threadless but for watches, artistic types are invited to come up with their own watch design for the iconic brand.

As well as showing off your creative skills to the world, one lucky winner will also win a three night luxury break in Malta for the Isle of Malta MTV Special. Neat!

Some of my favourite designs are displayed here and you can find out how to enter here!

PS That amazing Paul Stanley design? That’s mine, pretty sure you should vote for it.

What to wear to a festival in Barcelona

Packing for Primavera, I decided to photograph some of my potential holiday highlights. The stellar festival lineup is almost a second best to my outfit planning. Special shout-out to Silver, who is entirely responsible for encouraging me to buy more stuff than I could possibly need.

Had a Twitter conversation the other day about over-packing and was pleased to note that so many of my friends feel the same as me and pack for all eventualities. What if we decide to go sailing? What if I’m invited to a Sheffield c.1996 party with Jarvis and all my hometown buds? What if there’s an impromptu blogger meet-up and I hate everything I own? THIS is why I need to pack half my wardrobe.

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