Favourite hats from the Royal Wedding

Avert your eyes, if need be.

Top hats!

1. Princess Beatrice (via Star and Style)
Maybe it’s because she goes to university in New Cross. Maybe it’s because everyone else hated it and I like to be difficult.

2. Kitty, Eliza and Amelia Spencer (via Lisa’s History Room)
Some have dubbed them a three-headed Sloane monster, but I say that‘s how you do blonde. I love the bow in the middle… Sorry that I don’t know my Spencer daughters better.

3. Miriam Gonzalez Durantez (via Heart)
The dress was awful, but Nick Clegg’s wife looked amazing in this floral turban, and you don’t need Grazia or me to tell you how BOT it is.

4. Princess Maxima of the Netherlands (via Zimbio)
Princess Maxima wore a turban too, but hers was star-studded which makes it even more 1920s-ish. I want one. This one.

And a special mention goes to the one and only Deborah, Dowager Duchess of Devonshire who DID attend the Royal Wedding and who wore a Philip Treacy  hat. Massive thanks to fellow Mitford-ite Hannah for tracking down this one picture from Picture Press, which may cut her off in her prime but which does give us a glimpse:

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