Style icons: Jennifer Herrema

“There’s still no mistaking her, lithe and tall… with a bubblegum chomping pout and epic bangs that seek to subdue her ball-busting intense glare. Always in shredded jeans, toured within a thread of their life, duffed up snakeskin boots… Wherever she is, you know she walks down the sidewalk and there are gasps of, ‘oh wow, she’s the shit.'”

Jeremy Abbot//i-D Magazine

It goes without saying that Jennifer Herrema is something of a style guru – in fact, in a former life I did a blog post about her fashionable ways and it rapidly became one of my most viewed entries. Shame that blog got deleted eh? Although yesterday I did a testGoogle and said post was still out there, crystallised in the annals of the internet, so all’s not lost.

Anyway, as is the way with most stylish women it was only a matter of time before Jennifer knocked out a fashion line. In keeping with her roots the collaboration is with skate brand Volcom, which is just about as perfect a match as it gets. You can see the Spring/Summer collection online here, but I have a special outfit to GIVE AWAY. For free!

Up for grabs to you lucky souls is a leather vest, batwing t-shirt and pair of denim cut-offs. Neat, huh?

All you need to do to win is leave a comment. I’ll pick a winner at random next Friday 13 May at 5pm.

Important clothes facts: The waistcoat and t-shirt are size medium, and the shorts are a 30in waist.

16 thoughts on “Style icons: Jennifer Herrema

  1. Whole collection is a treat, there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to get my hair looking like that [and the cuff, obvs]!

  2. I’ve been a lurker for a while… this seems like a perfect (yet selfish) time to pop up above ground and say hi.

  3. Its great to finally see some of her designs! As a longtime Royal Trux and RTX fanatic its great to see Jennifer appreciated for her other creative endeavours as well!
    Best Wishes,

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