Iris Apfel on denim

Source: NY Times

I loved this quote about jeans from Iris Apfel in a recent interview with the Architectural Digest:

Have you seen the prices? Scandalous. I mean, yes, if they are embroidered or beaded or made special in some divine way, but honestly, jeans are jeans. I live in them most of the time, but I had a helluva time getting a pair of jeans around 1940, when I was at the University of Wisconsin. I thought I’d wear jeans, a turban, and some old earrings. So I went to an Army-Navy store, but you have to remember, back in those days, all the men in Wisconsin were the size of Paul Bunyan. Then the salesman told me, ‘Young ladies don’t wear jeans.’ He wouldn’t sell me any or have them cut down. So I kept going back to the store, and they kept throwing me out, so to get rid of me, they finally ordered me some boys’ jeans. I love men’s jeans; they fit me better.

Via Fashionista

On the subject of denim, I also really enjoyed the feature about low-slung trousers in the Guardian this morning – particularly the voxpops from the men themselves. Highlights include:

My mum’s used to it by now – she’s just happy as long as I’m wearing decent underpants.


I’m tall and I have no bum, so my trousers just don’t stay up.


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