Swatch MTV Playground: Alex Noble and Fred Butler.

Swatch and MTV have teamed up for the Swatch MTV Playground – a celebration of fashion and music and the magic that happens when the two combine. Both brands are known for inspring and nurturing creativity, and the Swatch MTV Playground provides a shared space online to show off new talent and combine ideas across fashion, music and the arts.

From KISS to Kenickie, Madonna to Missy Elliot – it’s an established fact that the spectacle of costume and the cultural impact of clothing play a huge part in music, and one look at Karl Lagerfeld and his 476 full-to-bursting iPods confirms that the fashion industry wholeheartedly returns the mutual respect. If this proves anything, I’ve dressed up as all of the above (yes, including Karl) at various points over the last few years, and if fancy dress doesn’t confirm someone’s iconic status I don’t know what does.

So, over the next few months, the Swatch MTV Playground will see a series of guest editors from these two fields collaborate as guest bloggers on the website. The series kicked off with OMG Rankin, and next up is East London partners in crime Alex Noble and Fred Butler.

Alex Noble has just launched his first line at London Fashion Week, while Fred (that’s a she, FYI) is a designer best known for making props and accessories for stylists and shoots. Between them, Alex and Fred are the creative minds behind some of Lady Gaga’s most awesome outfits – Fred is the genius behind the blue telephone hat, while Alex most recently created the blue leather catsuit Gaga prances about in for the epic Judas video. Whatever your thoughts on the Gagaloo, it’s impossible to dispute her cultural impact – particularly in the realms of fashion.

Anyway, check out this awesome video of Alex discussing industry collaborations, wearing the same t-shirt that I think my Twinny has:


Stay tuned for more from Swatch, MTV, Alex and Fred!

*Post in collaboration with Swatch MTV Playground* 


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