Théâtre de la Mode puppet fashions

How to be a Retronaut is probably one of the sites I spend most time on, losing myself in to hour-long internet k-holes of glorious HISTORY. A recent post included some atmospheric pictures of the Théâtre de la Mode, which was actually at the V&A a few years back but which I’d forgotten about entirely.

Théâtre de la Mode eh? What is the theater of fashion?

‘After the liberation of 1944, French couture was at a standstill. With limited access to materials, the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne conceived of a small exhibition, Théâtre de la Mode. The organizers commissioned two-feet tall dolls and invited the major fashion designers of the day to create exquisite miniature dresses. The show was an instant sensation.’

So many great fashion exhibitions over the years have been inspired by this – two of the most obvious that spring to mind are Spectres: When Fashion Turns Back which was at the V&A too and The House of Viktor&Rolf which was at the Barbican a few years ago.

There’s a really brilliant book about the mannequins of Théâtre de la Mode available – click on the ‘look inside’ option on Amazon and tell me you don’t want to buy it.


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