Long hair + Antipodium crosses

Earlier this year I told Emily that I would do more outfit posts. That hasn’t happened.

This week, however, I have lots of new clothes arriving and lots of events to go to, so I’m going to make an effort.

This Antipodium dress (worn in honour of that Antipodium dress) you have all seen probably before numerous times – but I promised a week of outfits and this is what I happened to wear today. So…

Hair, freshly sorted today, care of my lovely friends at HOB. Look how long it’s getting! Now up to four people, including two hairdressers, who have asked me if it’s all my own. Why yes, yes it is.

4 thoughts on “Long hair + Antipodium crosses

  1. Swit swoo! Thanks for the mention, and for staying true to your word. I knew you wouldn’t let me down #deep

  2. Wow the colour looks awesome. Also, all these comments about it being “your own” mean that you could probs make some cash if you do decided to cut it? haha

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