Creepy hand necklace and neon skirt

This is the face of someone who has been out every night of the week, but still won’t let up on a promise. Emily, you and your pizza oven owe me.

Tonight was the Graduate Fashion Week Gala show, which is always a momentous occasion especially when you see your alma mata student pals getting honoured. As with yesterday’s LCF show, more on that to come (when, I have no idea).

Today I felt like wearing pyjamas to work but instead opted for this Topshop t-shirt which I live in and which needs a bleach by the looks of things; that palmistry/evil eye pendant; and the best skirt ever… this ASOS neon lace circle skirt, which pays rather a nice homage to Christopher Kane’s summer collection. It’s so neon IRL I can’t tell you – I outdid hi-vis jackets and I glowed in the dark a bit.

Ideally, it would have been complemented with this, one of Kane’s clutch bags that are being sold exclusively at Net-A-Porter for a fraction of the price of the collection.

One thought on “Creepy hand necklace and neon skirt

  1. Keep up the good work bb! I don’t know what you’re moaning about, you look babelicious as ever. That necklace gets me every time, such a good find. What shoes did you wear, hmm?

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