Rankin x Swatch

Photographer Rankin is the latest creative to team up with Swatch with a series of eight eyeball print watches. The series of eight designs feature super-zoomed in irises for a colourful, slightly creepy finish.

You may recognise the eyes from Rankin’s 2007 series, Eyescapes which was described as: “A celebration of the human iris… Capturing the striking colours and remarkable patterns of the human eye.”

Featuring the eyes of Rankin’s friends, family and colleagues, it’s quite a hypnotic collection which you can get a closer look at here.

The watches are available with a black, white, or clean strap, and you can either buy them individually – or, for the true Rankin-ites – in a presentation box of all five. Swit swoo!

For the latest part of ny collaboration with Swatch and MTV, I’m delighted to share some exclusive Rankin words of wisdom on the subjects of art, music, fashion and creativity – and if you want to see Rankin interviewing the always fabulous Kelis, just click here!


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