Beauty and the Beast: Hersheson’s launch pony club

Hair supremo Daniel Hersheson has had a blow-dry bar in Topshop for a while now but his latest service for summer is something pretty neat. For £60 you’ll get your barnet washed, dried and styled with a clip-in pony to take away and treasure. Once sullied by a WAGgish reputation, clip-in ponytails these days are fantastic quality, last forever if you look after them (store them in a silk stocking!) and most importantly look realistic.

There’s a choice of short flirty 50s styles, plaited braids à la Wang and, my personal favourite, the Blake Lively-esque, Rapunzel-ish, long waved pony.

Just one complaint… Why the lack of red pieces? Having been in the hair biz for about five years now – five years which have seen red hair become massively popular – I still struggle to find red extensions in the same array of shades as blondes and brunettes. Harumph.

Book here!


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