London Retro launches

Last week Twin and I attended the London Retro eyewear launch as a prelude to her birthday bonanza. Neither of us wear specs but both of us like dressing up and acting like goons, especially when there’s a vaguely vintage aspect to it, so going for a play and a swift drink seemed like a good way to get the birthday fun going.

London Retro is a new range of glasses, inspired by a selection of London districts from Soho to Shoreditch. With options for men and women, as well as unisex models, the range pretty much has something for everyone from Buddy Holly-esque geek goggles to John Lennon-ish round frames – and they all come with the option of tinted lenses too, so if you’re not a glasses-wearer and have moved on from the early 00 obsession with clear lenses, you’re still sorted.

My head is enormous so it’s a struggle to find shapes that suit, but the delightful Shoreditch pair (directly above) work wonders on my balloon head.

Check out the rest of the range here!

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