A few new Sheffield vintage finds

Really enjoying Picnik’s galactic overlays – let’s hope they keep them even when NASA-mania has calmed down.

Excitingly, I am writing this in the Forum in Sheffield – one of my favourite hangouts for the past… 16 years? Back in the old days it was full of vintage, record stores and head shops – it’s a little more gentrified these days but I was really happy to see that they have got a bustling array of boutiques open again now, after a few years in the wilderness. The shops may come and go, but the bar has always been great and holds universal appeal – everyone I know likes it here because it manages to cater to everyone without compromising on its own ~vibe~. Presently enjoying a pea and chorizo risotto and glass of wine while listening to the Drifters, while students sit outside in the sun and drink pints and groups from work have lunch… etc. etc… it’s an appealing spot for anyone.

Anyway – two new shops have sprung up since I last ventured in to the Forum and I’m pleased to report that I shopped at them both. I will add them to my Sheffield vintage guide soon but here’s a quick update.

Lottiebel’s Boutique

An unabashedly feminine boutique selling vintage, nice bits of jewellery and the usual cool postcards and knick-knacks you tend to find. I bought my mysterious orange item here, as well as much more tasteful brown leather belt with snazzy horse buckle. As is seemingly always the way in Sheffield, the vintage is cheap and quality and the staff are brilliant. Swoon. The lovely owner Lottie convinced me to buy said orange item but not in a salesy way – more the kind of enthusiasm you get when you’re shopping with a friend and you get psyched because you find something awesome that you can’t quite believe is so cheap. Lottie also found me and my mum standing outside another shop the next day and advised me on their opening hours to save me hanging around like a goon, which is customer service of the highest order in my eyes.

Find Lottiebel’s Boutique in the Forum, 127-129 Devonshire Street, Sheffield S3 7SB or follow on Twitter here!

Syd and Mallory

Handily located directly opposite Lottiebel’s, Syd and Mallory also offers a wide array of vintage, modern accessories and reconstructed bits – see, chunky knits with studded shoulder pads and cut and paste dresses combining two frocks in one. Syd and Mallory also stocks furniture which ended up being the reason I visited three times in the course of my weekend visit… We ended up, eventually, buying an utterly fabulous gold and mirrored 1930s drinks cabinet for £30 with free delivery!!!!!!!111 I love Sheffield. Syd and Mallory actually occupies (one of) the old site(s) of Freshman’s, so I’m glad to see it being put to good use. Sheffield has always been green for vintage furniture and house accessories, but there’s not been much so central for a long time so I can see myself spending rather a lot of time and money there over the next few months…

Find Syd and Mallory also in the Forum, address as above, or find them on Facebook here!

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