Favourite female musicians on magazine covers

The latest video from the Swatch and MTV Playground project sees Alex Noble discussing the influence of fashion and music. While the two have obviously always gone hand-in-hand, Alex argues that it’s never been more evident. Interestingly, Alex also mentions that popstars are the new supermodels. It’s a salient point – how many supermodels do we really have these days? Who influences fashion more than the pop stars that dominate Daily Mail TV&Showbiz/ONTD/Heat? While these days it seems that everyone is more aware of fashion than ever, there really aren’t too many models that can rival Cindy Crawford or the goddess Linda Evangelista.

I’m the first to admit that I prefer to see models on the covers of fashion magazines, but that’s not to say there haven’t been some incredible front covers featuring fashionable musical types. Putting pop stars on the cover of your magazine inevitably shifts copies and I guess it also introduces people to publications they may previously not have considered. The influence fashion has on music is enormous, but it’s definitely a two-way relationship.

Anyway, here’s what Alex has to say on the matter and some of my favourite musical magazine covers. Snuck in a Shampoo one, you’ll see.

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