Favourite Etsy finds: brass lipstick holder

I had to share my latest Etsy purchase, even though it hasn’t arrived yet.

On Sunday I was outbid on yet another brass pineapple ice bucket on eBay and had a furtive glance on Etsy to see if they offered any alternatives. Alas, the brass pineapple seems to be a uniquely English phenomenon as there was nothing to be found – except one very expensive pineapple from a British seller.

The search continues. If anyone ever finds a reasonably priced one please do get in touch as I’ll pay you whatever it takes to get it to me.

Anyway – I may not have found an ice bucket but I did find a brass lipstick holder featuring a small boy holding a pineapple, and that will do for now.


3 thoughts on “Favourite Etsy finds: brass lipstick holder

    1. The ones on eBay go for so much though! Anything from £50+ which just seems too much for my liking… I feel like I might find one in a charity shop for a tenner, then I’d rue the day I paid £60 for one online see??

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