Faux fur and leopard print ftw

I’m sure you’re all tired as I am of this ridiculous weather we’re having in London – rain in summer I can deal with; foggy, grey skies not so much. Add to that extended waits on the platform at Croydon as the train is perpetually delayed and the Arctic-degree air conditioning in the office and things start getting a bit more complicated. It’s muggy, it’s wet, it’s cold, it’s windy… and then factor in meetings, parties and a social life and it all starts getting a bit tricky to dress for.

I bought this vintage black blazer in Sheffield last summer for £8 (£8!!!) and although its fuzzy white faux fur collar suggests winter, it’s lightweight enough to be fine for standing around waiting for trains and/or shrugging on in the office when it gets too cold. Also, for someone who owns very little in the way of ‘smart’ clothes, it does a decent job of pulling everything together.

Worn with the Whistles Kiki skirt which I debated buying for so long that it went in to the ‘final reductions’ part of the sale and that Topshop t-shirt I always wear. Also. a new necklace.

I got a new charm necklace in Topshop a few weeks ago and loved it dearly, but somehow managed to lose it in a changing room in Sheffield. Even though it was a recent buy I can’t find it anywhere, so had to buy this as alternative. Who am I kidding? It’s not an alternative, it’s better.


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