Obsessed with Ben Venom wall hangings

Bit late to the party with Ben Venom, but in case you missed him too – here is is. This notion of making traditional crafts cool and relevant has been going on for a while, with knitting circles and cake-baking as de rigueur as good old fashioned binge-drinking these days.

So, nice to see someone giving an actual fresh twist on an old craft. Ben uses traditional quilting methods to transform vintage heavy metal shirts in to decorative – if not slightly dark – wall-hangings and throws.

Ben says:

I’m interested in juxtaposing traditional handmade crafts with one of the more extreme musical genres, Heavy Metal. My work can be described as a collision of Iron Maiden Metal ballads with the outrageous stage antics of Ozzy Osbourne. Serious, yet attempting to take on a B movie Horror film style where even the beasts of Metal need a warm blanket to sleep with. The question remains… Can I play with madness?

I mean… the man makes Iron Maiden puns. Love his work, slightly twitching at the amazing shirts being cut up.




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