Jewellery finds from Lewisham Burglary Squad

Graham Linehan is one of my favourite people to follow on Twitter, and not just because he’s such a big Jedward fan. Today he linked to a story about police in Lewisham using Flickr to reunite people with their stolen items – more specifically, jewellery.

Us Lewisham folk clearly have good taste, because the items displayed in the Lewisham Burglary Squad set are all pretty awesome.

Jewellery appreciation aside, I think this is a really neat idea – although how people will provide proof of ownership I’m not sure. The scheme has apparently already been used in Camden to great success, with about 5,000 people visiting the album – although no word on how many happy reunions have taken place.

Detective Chief Inspector Paul Astbury, Serious Acquisitive Crime at Lewisham said: “We are utilising every tool available to us to identify as many victims as possible and return this jewellery back to their rightful owners. Using Flickr works and this has already proved be the case in Camden. We hope that by making use of this technology people will look through the images and recognise their property. ”

If you recognise any of the jewellery, you can call PC Aaron Barr on 020 8284 5040 and reclaim it!


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