Swatch x MTV: Jerking

After the last few days of doom, disturbance and yoof-baiting, it was nice to be sent the latest dispatch from the Swatch MTV Playground project which just so happens to celebrate vibrant, youthful, inner-city sights, scenes and sounds from across the world.

As with the rest of the Swatch and MTV Playground project – and in keeping with MTV’s pop culture heritage and Swatch’s dedication to diverse reference points – the latest footage highlights the importance of music in influencing style and identity. If you visit the Scene@ section of the website you can find out more about underground music scenes around the world, but here are a couple of interesting scenes that I rather like the like of.


Jerk chicken, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Cool JerkDoing The Jerk… While the term ‘jerk’ may have originally been thrown around as an insult, most things related to jerk are good in my book these days. The jerk was a 1960s dance craze, popularised in the Capitols’ hit Cool Jerk, but as with most things from ye olde days it’s been given a fresh new twist.

Reinvented for the 00s in California, jerking has since made a splash in Switzerland – of all places. I’m meeting up with my Swiss pals tomorrow and I’ll certainly be challenging her to a jerk off based on this video of the Swiss Jerks – a colourful, vibrant community of dancers who you can see in action above.


The other scene of interest is – prepare yourself – Brum and Bass. I mean… As I couldn’t love Birmingham more, it goes and develops a scene with a hilarious pun too. Only bettered by the whole Pontefract/Ponte Carlo thing.

Birmingham has (apparently) one of the biggest bass-based music scenes in the county (so I’m told, I can’t even pretend to have a clue about such things) and Swatch and MTV recently paid them a visit to find out more – see what they discovered in the video above.

I love the look of this scene – lots of Carhartt and Dickies and vintage Americana sportswear. And there was me thinking that heavy metal was the most stylish genre to emerge from the Black Country. Check out a streetstyle gallery here!


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