Obsessed with pineapples

I am bananas for pineapples at the moment. Of course it all started with my longing for an ice bucket (still waiting, still refusing to pay over£50 on eBay)….

… Then the fabulous Twin bought me this – with no knowledge of my growing pineapple obsession…

… Then I got the weird pineapple child lipstick holder

… Then Whistles posted this sneak preview of their SS12 collection…

Here are some other pineapple things I’m in to at the moment. The worry is that this will become like my Sheep Collection of 1990-1994, when I bought anything and everything with a sheep on until the collection had to spill out of my bedroom and be accommodated in the hallway at my family home.

ASOS Pineapple Print Shirt

Tropical Trainers

Pineapple Front Desk Bell

Pineapple Sweater Clip [Why don’t I own sweater clips already?]

Pineapple Tea Set

Of course, the irony of all this is that I can’t stand pineapple.


9 thoughts on “Obsessed with pineapples

  1. That Whistles print is amazing: if only it wasn’t going to be on the back of so many well-dressed (and better paid than me) women! And, as for sweater clips, can’t help thinking it’s a new wardrobe essential.

  2. I’ve been thinking of pineapples all summer: I bought the most amazing River Island white jeans with a pineapple print on but had to take them back as I had no money. Now I can’t find them anywhere, dammit! (I also hate pineapples. They hurt my mouth!)

  3. I think this could work really well as a ‘seasonally inappropriate’ trend – tropical pineapple print shirt, plus earrings, layered with chunky knit camel cardigan = perfectly odd for winter.

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