1960s high school fashion by Arthur Schatz

I was admiring the beautiful backdrop of Tavi’s new website this morning when lo and behold, my latest instalment of Retronaut landed with a suspiciously similar theme.

The collection of images, all by Arthur Schatz and found in the uh-mazing LIFE archives, feature high school fashion from 1969. I mean… I can’t… It’s just too good. It’s like a walking, talking, less-explicit Supervixens.

Purple and red is such a winning combination and I love the babe in the tunic with SHORT hair – what a change for this decade. That California colouring, sigh.

Girl on the right has such dream hair.

This reminds me of the two beautiful women in flowing maxi dresses that Twin and I saw outside the M.I.A. concert in Central Park a few years ago. Just wafting along.

Sure the girl in the white ensemble catches your eye, but I’m more about the lime-green mini on the left, Joey Ramone in the back right, and that pink tropical print below.

It was at this point that I started to think the pictures couldn’t be real. That hair!

Such a cool look from head-to-toe. Love the vans, love the bucket hat (who knew?), love the romper. Love her pal in the back with loafers and orange hair bows.

And just in case you thought the teachers weren’t in on it… What a babe!

I could stare at these all day. All that fringing and long hair has got me singing Age of Aquarius and fantasising about rolling around in the grass.

See the rest of the collection on How to be a Retronaut.

3 thoughts on “1960s high school fashion by Arthur Schatz

  1. stop it!! these are beyond.i just finished watching every season of the wonder years, and in the episode where the hot teacher asks kevin to paint her house, her dresses are sinfully short and i was positive that teachers didn’t actually dress like that in school back then. apparently, i was mistaken.

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