Lightning in her hands

Trying to get back in to some kind of normal posting, including an Emily-approved outfit post.

Yesterday I attended my second 90th birthday party of the year – it genuinely is an honour to know such a sprightly bunch.

I bought a new blouse for the occasion, because blouses seem like a neat thing to wear to 90th birthday parties. The sequinned collar of this New Look number was a hit with ‘the ancients’ – as one of the 90-year-olds in question likes to refer to his friends. The sequins are mega-sparkly in real life and there’s been no shirking on quantity – A+ quality for a high street number.

The blue Mango skirt really isn’t what I wanted to wear, but I’ve been too busy to iron this week and it was the only halfway respectable bottom half I could find.

Belt from H&M, I can’t even remember what shoes I wore – that’s what a boozy afternoon tea party will do to a gal.

Radiant glow, if I do say so myself, care of Liz Earle Skin Tint which continues to impress me.


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