1960s Paris by Charles W Cushman

I’ve just finishing reading The Dud Avocado, which I’m sorry to say I found a bit of a dud. I didn’t hate it or anything, I just expected to fall in love with it totally whereas actually it was more of a fleeing flirtation that I quite enjoyed but haven’t given much thought to since.

Still, the adventures of pink-haired protégé Sally Jay Gorce didn’t pass me by entirely and the descriptions of France in the 1950s will surely stir the sensibilities of any cliché-loving blogger – and I include myself in that, which is why I’ve posted these vintage pictures of Paris.

It goes without saying that they come via How to be a Retronaut and although they show Paris in the sixties, there’s still a feel of what Sally Jay might have seen when hanging out with the Hard Core at Le Select.

[Pics from How to be a Retronaut via Charles W. Cushman]

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