Style icons: Dívka na Koštěti (The Girl on the Broomstick)

Oh so this is right up my street… Goths and neat Czech films? How entirely predictable but awesome!

Dívka na Koštěti is apparently a Czech version of Teen Witch sooooo draw your own conclusions about how bad-ass it is.

Roughly translates as The Girl on the Broomstick (or so Wikipedia says) it tells the story of a 300-year-old witch frozen in time and hilariously deposited in the future – or 1972, as it is. She also turns variously in to an owl, a cow and a chicken at some point. I don’t speak Czech, sorry.

You can watch it online here, or just enjoy some (lots of) pictures of Saxana’s hair under the cut.

Found on the awesome Teenage blog! 


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