Vintage Photos of New York, 1968-78

In further tales of vintage photographs of cities reminding me of books… these pictures of New York by Paul McDonough put me in mind of Caroline Bender and her pals in The Best of Everything. The pictures actually range from 1968 to ’78 so it’s a bit later than the book but not far off.

Still, the ~glamour~ of the women, the hair, the always-inspiring streets of New York – it all looks exactly how Rona Jaffe describes it. The full series of photographs covers every aspect of New York city life, with all the characters that you can still see as you walk around. If you want to read a bit about the photographer’s history and stories behind some of the pictures, The Paris Review has a nice feature here.

BTW the girl in the hat at the top really reminds me of Diana Vreeland in this picture. Where can I get a nice cordobes?

Pics: Retronaut, of course but you can buy the Paul McDonough book here!

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