Whistles limited edition Halloween blouse

I’ve made it pretty clear how keen I am on Halloween and I think most of you know that I’m into Whistles too sooooo…. when they tweeted earlier about their new limited edition Halloween print it’s safe to say I was pretty excited. In fact, my phone lost its connection on the train just as I was trying to open the picture and my heart was PALPITATING as I tap-tapped away trying to open the above picture, which appears to be on a blouse.

Sold exclusively at Selfridges as part of the Dead Cool initiative this October, the print features bats and clouds and the spookiest kind of moon, the full moon. It’s limited edition, which isn’t such a problem, and £175, which is.

In other creepsville news, check out this other 1920s horror film gif I found:

4 thoughts on “Whistles limited edition Halloween blouse

    1. I know dude, I know.

      I still haven’t watched Metropolis! Is that where it’s from? Just saw it on a 20s blog. One of my favourite hairdressers loves Metropolis so maybe I should get round to it…

      1. Thanks Louise! I feel I have to watch it – so many hairdressers reference it in shows and also it’s a classic but I am so bad at sitting and watching films at the moment. YouTube may be the answer!

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